The market for electronic PC games is booming all over the world because of its improving gaming capacity. Who doesn’t like playing games but gaming also comes with some cost? Therefore, whoever takes the game seriously should always be with high level equipment, and with the best quality, comfort and practicality possible. Cutting-edge technologies make the difference in games, from the mouse to the monitor.

Values ​​such as refresh rate, response time and other aspects separate normal monitors from gaming monitors. In this article you will learn to recognize some of the essential characteristics that a gamer monitor needs to have.

1. Refresh Rate

Specification coveted by FPS, the refresh rate indicates the number of times that an image is refreshed on a monitor screen every second and is measured in Hz. Conventional monitors and TVs use the 60Hz rate, which can cause image blur and impair the fast-moving gaming experience.

In action, adventure, casual and other games, a high refresh rate is not that important. But when it comes to first-person shooter games, a high-rate monitor makes all the difference.

In practice, in a multiplayer game like Battlefied 4, you will be able to see your opponents’ movements better without experiencing the motion blur effect. The problem with 144Hz monitors is, it comes with high price. For consumers who cannot purchase a product at this rate, there are options with 75 Hz, which are superior to conventional devices.

2. Response Time

The response time is which decides whether a monitor can be considered a gamer or not. This characteristic defines the speed at which the light is able to pass through the panel. The measurement is made in milliseconds and, the lower the indicated value, the better.

On more advanced monitors, the shortest response time is just 1ms, and that means having games at speed without a trace and “ghost effects” on the screen.

In this way, fast movements and sudden transitions can be processed smoothly, with smooth images, which give you an advantage over your opponent. The low response time guarantees a better performance of the user in the game, by providing movements and commands in real time without delays or defects in the image.

3. Ergonomics

This item is very important, as it is about our well-being while playing. in addition, each type of game has a different requirement.

The way the player behaves in front of the computer is important for him to have the best vision and comfort. Therefore, personalization of the monitor’s position is very important.

A good tip is that when looking for a monitor, you pay attention to its ergonomics and how much it can move along its axis. There are models in which it is possible to adjust the height, the angle, the rotation and leave them in the right position for your most convenient playing mood.

4. Anti-Fatigue Technologies

To achieve perfection in games, it takes dedication and many hours in front of the PC, however, after some time we are already tired looking, and this hinders a lot to our performance.

In order for the activity not to impair your vision, you need to check if the chosen monitor has anti-fatigue technologies. The well-being of gamers has already become an essential point for those who manufacture monitors and it is increasingly common to find monitors with technologies like this. Therefore, you must choose something that comes with anti-blue light technologies.

5.  Cable Connections

High-performance players are always looking for the fastest level of connection, which improves image quality and speed of viewing actions.

In addition to the traditional VGA and DVI inputs, HDMI is also common in newer models. If you have no idea what these acronyms are, read our article on connections, and understand each one.

6.  Different Game Modes

A monitor that allows you to quickly change settings, such as brightness and color, is very convenient for gamers. This feature allows you to select the function that most benefits you at any given moment.

There are options on the market where the player saves preferred settings and can easily change them with just the press of a button. Then you can select one profile to browse the internet, and another to play.

To conclude, knowing these resources, it is easy to identify a monitor that will not only serve to browse the internet but will be a great ally in your games. These little details make a big difference in games, so keep an eye on them all when choosing your next monitor.

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