Buying a used car is the best deal for those who can’t or don’t want to finance a new one. However, the variety is enormous not only for the models but also for the condition of the vehicle, as it depends on how much the previous owner took care of the car. There may be dents or scratches on the bodywork, maintenance may be pending, some documentation will be overdue or the price will be above the table. So, we have prepared 10 tips on how to choose your used car carefully so you don’t fall into trouble.

Top Selling Brands

We are not even talking about devaluation. Some brands that operated in the US until ended up leaving the country for trade restrictions. Without official representation, it is difficult to find parts for repair. Other smaller manufacturers have few dealerships, hindering access to services. Take into account if you are going for a homegrown brand still works in and if it has accredited stores and/or workshops in the region where it lives. It will be better to purchase a native car than a foreign manufactured ones.

Up-To-Date Maintenance

There are all kinds of used car owners. Those who take good care of the vehicle and do preventive maintenance, there are those who fix it only when there is a problem and there are those who push all the defects until the car stops for good. As a used vehicle is a box of surprises, try to have as much information about the car as possible. See if everything is working, check the manual if the revisions were made at the dealership, and check if there are any pending recalls.

Vehicle History

Having the vehicle document, you can pull the car history on the government websites, to find out if there are any pending fines or if there are any claims or robberies. Also pay attention to the chassis code, checking if it has not been marked and if it is the same as the engine and windows. Finally, carry out the inspection to find out if the car has been crashed, had overcoating, or a serious accident. 

Drive the Car

Always take a ride on the vehicle. If you are not very confident in your ability to encounter problems just when driving, call a specialist to accompany you, such as a trusted mechanic. Watch out for different noises, the responses of the pedals and the gearbox, and whether the suspension holds the car without crashing.

Check the Mileage

A known trick is to change the vehicle’s mileage to a much smaller than the actual one. There are some signs that can be identified by anyone, such as the state of the internal finish, marking in the manual of oil changes and revisions, in addition to the age of the vehicle. If you are still suspicious, it is possible to hire an inspection company to issue a report.

Still Under Warranty

Depending on the age of the car, it may still be under warranty, as long as the previous owner has not done anything that is outside the rules. Check the brand’s website since when they offer the expiration date for the model you want to buy, the reviews were carried out at the dealership, and if there were no changes that could compromise the warranty.

Don’t Forget the Manual

Having the manual is a type of guarantee of the origin of the car, as every revision made at the dealership is marked on it. In addition, it will save you the trouble of looking for technical specifications on the internet when buying the correct oil or calibrating the tires.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain?

The temptation to buy an imported model used for the price of a national zero km is strong. But don’t forget to research how much it costs to maintain the desired model. The lower purchase price does not mean that the value of the pieces has also dropped. Depending on age and brand, maintenance can be as expensive as it was when the car was launched. 

Look for the opinion of owners on the internet and see how much they spend on the basic basket and some periodic exchange items, such as reeds and tires. Don’t forget to also quote insurance, another variable that can make a model financially unviable.

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