Anyone interested in buying a second-hand electric car is in luck since this is a market that does not stop growing compared to other vehicle segments. It is completely understandable since almost all cars lose value over time. So, looking to buy a used electric car is worth the shot because, after two years, the price of a car decreases significantly.  

Since electric cars are still somewhat new in the car market, buyers of traditional used vehicles are reluctant to go for this type of car.

The reduction of the value of electric cars is not related to problems inherent to them or their design. But rather it is connected with the lower interest in the use of electric vehicles by second-hand consumers. In comparison to traditional cars, electric car is considerably cheaper to buy and second-hand electric cars have further price benefit than a new one.

Should You Be Interested in Buying Second-Hand Electric Cars?

Most electric vehicles currently sold fit in people’s life in one way or another. Electric cars are best suited for people those who live in an urban or suburban area, drives approximately 30-35 kilometers a day, is aware of his budget and has at his disposal a conventional socket where he can charge the vehicle or some suitable place to install a charging station.

Thus, it is not enough just to want an electric vehicle, but to have the appropriate means to take advantage of it. For example, a user who lives in urban centers or downtown areas without their own parking or without access to charging points should probably leave it on the street without a specific place and cannot charge it taking advantage of the night when the rates are cheaper.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Used Electric Car?

Although electric cars have more and more autonomy in the US and other European nations, this type of vehicle was not originally conceived for long distances. In addition, the battery needs to be charged, so you should know in advance where to charge the car if necessary.

When buying a second-hand electric car, it is important to have a few key questions ready to ask the seller before making the final decision, such as: Why are you selling the vehicle? How many owners have this vehicle had? Have you had any accidents? Do you have the attendance book with sealed reviews?

Anyway, the Vehicle Inspection department has all the records or you may also check with an insurance company that offers information that allows the correct identification of the vehicle and indicators about any incident or encumbrance, among others, that could affect it.

For electric cars, there are enough charging facilities all around the United States of America but still you need to be cautious and know which place does not have an electric car charging center. You get to understand that you will have no flexibility like you have with traditional cars.

Generally, the battery recharge time will last several hours, so unless we work in a company with enabled charging points, we will have to bear all the costs. For Tesla, there are particular car models that are allowed lifetime free charging and some doesn’t.

Growth of the used electric car market

Over the years, the second-hand electric car market is taking shape. The offer of this type of vehicle is increasing and it is now possible to find units in good condition at a very good price. The great depreciation they suffer makes the second-hand market for vehicles in this segment grow much more than others.

Despite the fact that these cars have limitations related to autonomy, yet they have many advantages when compared to combustion cars as their minimum consumption, less mechanical breakdowns, almost non-existent maintenance, tax advantages, facilities in the cities, etc.

On the other hand, the US government is also flexible to use electric cars and there are several initiatives that are taking shape over time. So, it can be intimidated that those who have electric cars will have much better facilities than the traditional cars in future.

Ultimately, the purchase of a second-hand electric car is becoming increasingly attractive since factory prices are still higher than combustion. With current measures and future proposals by the Government, it is inevitable to turn to this option sooner or later.

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