The water purifier is an essential product that allows chlorine-free and purified water. It is a form of prevention and also the guarantee of water with ideal quality for consumption. But when choosing the water purifier question arises. What is the difference between a filter and a water purifier? The water filter has the function of filtering out impurities. The water purifier has the power to eliminate bacteria, retain particles and chlorine, thus ensuring complete cleaning of the water.

So, to buy the water purifier just choose the most expensive model or brand known? It may seem simple to choose the water purifier, but not quite. And you don’t need to be worried because we will explain exactly what you need to do and what characteristics you should check to make a great choice and thus guarantee the good through clean, bacteria-free water.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Water Purifier

Before choosing the water purifier, you should check the space available for installation and whether the supply will be manual or a specific tap or pipe will be necessary for the water purifier to work. It is also necessary to analyze the minimum water pressure for the correct operation of the water purifier. If you do not have the ideal pressure range, you will need to install the pressurizer. Therefore, depending on the situation, it is important to hire a specialized service to check these details and install the product correctly.

1. Retention of Solid Particles

A good water purifier can be determined with few things and retention quality is one of them. A good purifier has the function of removing slime, rust, and clay originated from pipes in the house or the place where the water purifier was installed. The efficiency of the retention of solid particles goes through several levels of filtration. The PI level retains the smallest particles, which increases its filtering capacity. If the water purifier passes this level, it acquires efficiency in cleaning the water by retaining the solid particles.

2. Chlorine Reduction

For an ideal water purifier, there are 3 levels that inform the percentage of chlorine retention. As the previous criterion, the classification must be CI (above 75%) and this ensures that the water purifier is effective in removing chlorine from the water.

3. Bacteriological Efficiency

Bacteriological efficiency checks whether the water purifier actually eliminates bacteria from the water. Thus, before buying the water purifier, check out some functions and features below that will help you make the best choice.

4. Digital / Touch Panel

The digital panel indicates the water temperature and other functions that facilitate the use of the purifier. Touch panel models are easier to operate.

5. Filter Change Alert

We all know that water purifiers or normal water filters provide technology that helps you track when should you change the filter of the water purifier. The water purifier filter must be replaced after a period of use. This function facilitates the exchange at the exact moment so that your water purifier continues to work perfectly. Therefore, it is very important to check if the water purifier you are buying has this alert system.

7. Temperature Range

Having an electric water purifier is another good thing and it must have temperature range checking option. It has water purifier models that already have the option of natural water, ice water and mixed water. It is also important to check the maximum water-cooling temperature. This detail is important for those who live in cities or very hot places.

8. Cooling Capacity Per Hour

Check the cooling capacity per hour for your electric water purifier if you are buying one. Having this feature is a definite benefit. Usually, the purifier does not generate chilled water automatically when you press the button to get water out. It takes time for the water to be chilled. So, if you are checking one with this feature don’t forget to check the number of liters per hour that the purifier cools.

9. Chilled Water Reservoir Quantity

You should also analyze the amount of water in the chilled water tank. For example, if the purifier reserves 1 liter of cold water, it may be missing if there are many residents in the house.

10. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is directly linked to water cooling, that is, when cooling water, energy is spent. See if the purifier is marked with efficiency A for water purification, thus ensuring that the appliance is within the energy consumption parameters.

11. Technical assistance

Another important thing when choosing the water purifier is technical assistance. The most well-known brands have a larger service network and this makes it easier to find.

To conclude, we should know that clean water is one of the most important things that we should consider to invest in. In todays world, without a water purifier, it is really hard to live a healthy life and electric water purifier provides the safest water to drink. If you are planning to buy a water purifier you should always check all the features we have discussed in this blog. Hope this is going to help you a lot.

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