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The expectation for a PlayStation 5 is huge and a lot of gamers are very excited about the newly developed device, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t even bought the PlayStation 4. And some of those people now have a question, is it still worth buying a PS4 or is it better to wait for the PS5? This answer depends a lot on each person’s profile.

Before we start to analyze the pros and cons of each option, it’s good to remember that Sony hasn’t officially shown the console yet though there are rumors that it may come to the market at the beginning of December 2020.

Almost everything that is said about the PlayStation 5 is still in the field of rumors although some technical specifications of it have already been confirmed. Always keep this in mind and think carefully before making your decision.

Price Factor

The launch of the PlayStation 4 was traumatic because of the price charged for the product at the time. In the United States, however, it was highly praised and sold, for having an affordable price (the US $ 399) and cheaper than the competitor Xbox One. Besides, of course, used ones, much more affordable.

The trend is that this will change a little bit. Experts point out that the price of the device in US stores is likely to increase by $ 50 to $ 100 compared to its predecessor. In other words, it should cost between the US $ 450 and the US $ 500. Something insignificant, probably, for those who live there.

Availability of Games

This is the big X of the matter. The PlayStation 4’s vast “game library” is its main attraction. It has classics, especially exclusive, including the 2018 GOTY, God of War. So, if you only have the money to buy a PS4 and invest in its games, rest assured: you won’t regret it and have a lot of good stuff to play.

However, the PlayStation 5 will be able to run games from its predecessor. And that should, of course, make the PS4’s price drop a lot. After all, everything you could throw at it should also run on the new console.

After all, after the PS5 comes out, it is very likely that the most anticipated games will not be released as often for the PS4. There is a transition period, of course, and as it was with the move from PlayStation 3 to 4, there will probably be games with versions for both. However, after a while, this will cease to exist.


Another important point for many people to consider, the multiplayer side of the experience. What’s the use of buying a PS5 as soon as it leaves, but your friends don’t? If you value this type of gambling, it might be better to give PS4 a try now.

After all, the console still has many cool games that value this experience. So, it is worth having a chat with the crowd and sees what they are thinking. So, you are together in the same generation.

We expect more news about the games soon, with the return of the event postponed because of the Pandemic issues in the United States in recent days. It would be just to show games, which should also appear in other online presentations in the coming days.

Technical Specification

This is a point that weighs heavily in favor of the PS5, especially for two reasons: speed and visual. So far, what we know most about the console is precisely the technical part, and it is impressive.

An SSD that will eliminate the loading screens, 16 GB RAM, 8x Zen 2 CPU at 3.5 GHz with variable frequency, GPU with 10.28 teraflops, 36 computing units at 2.23 GHz (variable frequency), 3D audio, ray tracing, etc. Everything promises to make PlayStation 5 games even more impressive than those of the end of the PS4 generation which is already incredible.

Having said all that, we have reached a conclusion for those who do not yet have a PlayStation 4, want to buy, and are in doubt if it is worth it. There are two possible answers:

If you only have the money to buy it and you don’t mind having a console in a year that will no longer be the must-have on the market, it’s worth a lot. The PS4 is the owner of this generation, has incredible games, great performance, and will guarantee you many, many hours of fun. If you don’t care about the latest technology and/or have a bunch of people that will continue with PlayStation 4 to play with you, go with faith.

In both cases, however, the recommendation is to wait a while. If you’ve waited until now to buy the PS4, it’s worth waiting for concrete information about the PS5 before making your decision. Sony should not delay saying something about its price and its arrival on the market. Therefore, we can say that PS4 is still worth buying but if you are looking for the latest technology and upcoming games and do not concern much about the previous games, then you should wait for the new console.

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