Are you worried about selling your bicycle? There are some tricks to sell your bicycle quickly. Buying a used bike is easy but selling is not that easy in the first place. But if you are careful enough and showcase your bicycle in the right place with proper ads, you are highly likely to sell your bike quickly.

Like the Marketplace for new and used bikes, QuikAds NYC is here to help you sell your road bike online as soon as possible. However, before you set out to find potential buyers in the market, you should read this guide. This way you will be better prepared, with some tips to maximize the value of your bike.

1. Know What You Are Selling

Before you start, the bottom line will be doing your homework to find out exactly how much your second-hand bike should be worth it. Knowing the brand, model, year of production and the size of your frame are crucial items in this list. Even this is the first thing that any potential buyer will want to know.

Knowing the brand of your bicycle will not be a difficult task in most cases. You only need to see the logo stamped on your frame. To find your model name, you should start by looking in the top tube. Search for the company catalog online and find out what year, your bike was produced?

Compare how much they sold for when they were new, and the price they ask for them in the second-hand market. As a general rule, a modern and well-maintained bike will sell for 50% of its original price on the second-hand market. Of course, some specific brands and models keep their value for much longer, you will do better the more you compare prices with what you find online for similar models. A custom, limited edition, or extremely high-quality bike will retain its price or could even be valued over time if you take good care of it. 

2. One Last Retouch

Even if you are riding your bicycle on a daily basis, it will definitely get some dust in less seen places. A clean bicycle will always be better. To keep it in its best condition, you should clean your bike more often and before selling it, you must take care of those dust in the first hand.

When you’ve cleaned up even the hardest way possible, rinse it off a bit. This is the key to make it look prettier. But be very careful not to point the jet of water directly at the bearings, suspension or any other moving components. Ideally, not a drop of water should be used, but we want agility and efficiency in this case. 

3. Take You Bike to a Workshop

To make sure that you are selling a product, it should be in good quality. Give yourself one last pass through the workshop for the experts to give the green light to your sale. Having this seal of approval by a professional will give your potential buyer peace of mind, and will make the sales process much easier and faster than usual. 

It is very likely that you will need new components before selling your frame online. But if you decide not to replace them, there’s no problem as long as you’re honest with your ads. No one wants to buy a bicycle with “new components” that are broken on the way home.

4. Photos Make a Difference

A good photo works really well and it has the selling power in this age of technology. A professional camera helps, but is not mandatory. Even the photos on your cell phone have the persuasive power, if you know how to take them.

You should never use manufacturer’s catalog photos. Since your buyers will want proof that your bike is in good condition. Therefore, keeping the photo real is more important.

Find a clean wall or a neutral bottom to put your bike on. It is also recommended that you don’t have distracting elements in the background. The focus should be on the product. If you have nothing to lean your bike against, use a stand or find a well-placed pole or sign to keep it standing.

Take photos from different angles to display the entire bike, including any scratch or dent. Your customer should be aware of and this is going to build trust. We recommend you upload at least 4 photos of the bicycle you want to sell to give a clear image to your buyers.

5. Time to Post with Proper Details

When you have your photos, information, and everything ready for sale. It is time to publish it online. Another important thing should be kept in mind, always put the right details. The more information, your ads have the more you will get engagement. But you should not put too much details and only focus on important points.   

At QuikAds NYC, you just need to fill out a few basic fields. Hope this selling guide is going to help you sell your used bike quickly and more effectively.

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