Before Buying a Coffee Maker

Anyone who is passionate about coffee knows that having a coffee maker at home makes all the difference. And as it is such a popular drink, there is a multitude of models and brands available, which is great, but it many options makes it a little difficult to buy a perfect coffee maker for you. So, we simplify going to introduce you to a list of the best tips for buying your coffee maker. Choosing a coffee maker goes much more to the personal taste of each consumer than knowing the model x or y is better or worse. Therefore, a good choice always remains a viable solution for the ultimate coffee maker.

Strained or Espresso

The first step in choosing your coffee maker is to choose whether you prefer an espresso or strained coffee and depending on that you have to buy a coffee machine. To find out the main differences between one and the other, you need to go through the following tips.

Manual or Automatic

If you are going to opt for espresso, there are options for manual and automatic coffee makers. Here, again, personal taste is worth it. While the automatic machine brings practicality and agility, manuals are indicated for those who appreciate the moment of preparation and do not mind spending a little more time to do this. 

If you still don’t know much about coffee and want to venture into having a manual, it is good to take a barista course first so you don’t end up leaving the machine unused.

Some Precautions When Choosing a Coffee Machine

Manuals: If the model does not come with a grinder attached, you must buy one, as the coffee bean must be ground on the spot. On the other hand, you also need to be trained to run a manual coffee machine otherwise everything may go wrong.

Automatic: It sounds good, isn’t it? But still, there are some issues to take into account. Note the type of coffee that the coffee maker accepts. Some only accept coffee powder, other beans, sachets, or even capsules. On a similar note, automatic coffee maker will not provide premium quality coffee that you expect from a manual.

What is Capsule coffee?

Today, capsule and sachet machines are being used more and more by those who want practicality. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up the superior quality coffees that comes with coffee beans directly. Still there are a wide variety of flavors. For those who do not know, it is very simple! Just fit the sachet or capsule in the specific compartment, check if you have enough water and turn on.

Types of Coffee maker

Coffee Percolator

Of course, we know that you don’t need a coffee percolator to make a percolated coffee, just hot water, a paper or cloth strainer, and coffee powder. However, there are several electric coffee makers that facilitate this process. There are not many differences between these types of machines, usually what changes is the type of strainer that can be used and the technologies available, such as heating system and timer.

Italian Style Coffee Maker

Coffee maker This type of coffee maker is ideal for those who already have a well-tasted palate and like stronger coffees, as it allows them to better extract the properties of coffee. Basically, Italian coffee makers work as a pressure cooker and are manual.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

It works in a similar way to the Italian one, because it also works with pressure, but it is simpler equipment.

Manual Espresso Machine

As we said earlier, this type of machine is recommended for those who already have technical knowledge, as it is necessary to control the coffee grind and the time for compaction.

Automatic Espresso Machine

As the name implies, they do everything. The grinding is done in the machine itself, the user simply leveling how he wants his coffee. In the case of capsules and sachets, the advantage is greater practicality and variety, but they do not allow as much flavor as a so-called “professional”.

In short, it is highly recommended to learn a lot of thinks before you buy a coffee maker. It is important that you also understand the complete aspect of various types of coffee makers to buy one for your home. If you follow the above-listed points, we hope you are going to make a smart choice for yourself and for your family.

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