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If you are one of those who do not give up gathering family and best friends, without having to leave the comfort of your home and are thinking about buying a barbecue, this blog is for you!

In addition to spending more time and having fun with loved ones, this is a great way to save and relieve your pocket, since sometimes going out to bars and casters can save your budget, right?

So, we have prepared this article with some tips that will help you buy the most suitable barbecue for your home. Check out!

Set A Price Range

When choosing a barbecue, you should think about how much you are willing to invest. The laptops are cheaper after the price increases in the size and material used.

Pay Attention to The Size

Before buying a barbecue, it is essential to think about the size. If you have a lot of friends or a large family, it is appropriate to purchase the largest sizes. However, if you are a more reserved person and prefer not to invite many people at the same time, a smaller grill will do.

Know the Types of Barbecue Grills

We can consider that, at present, there are 5 types of barbecue grills machine, which are:

Portable or Camping

They are small grills and built in steel, ideal for those who do not have their own place at home, but make a point of having a barbecue every now and then or for those who like to camp and fish, since they occupy little space inside the car.

Gas Grill

This type uses gas for heating. For that, they can be those used containers usually of 13 kg or channeling straight from the street. They are very similar to electric ovens, however, with burners like a stove. Some models are embedded in masonry.

They reach very high temperatures quickly, ideal for hurried people who do not have the patience to wait for a coal to turn into a fire. They are bigger than the portable ones. And it is already possible to invite more people.

Barbecue Grill

Are grills built by adapting metal drums parties in the middle. These drums can be new or, in many cases, reused from companies that stored oil, fuel or solder gas.

As they are composed of two parts as if it were a body and a lid, they are very good for meats that need to be cooked to be tender, as in the case of the beef rib.

Masonry Barbecue

Masonry is the same as bricks, however, they are not the same materials that we use to lift specific walls to withstand heat. For its construction, it is necessary to use specific materials that withstand heat and hire the labor of masons who know how to build.

Pre-Molded Barbecue

The precast ones are practical, built in concrete and covered with refractory mortar. They are very similar to masonry, however, easier to install, since they are not built on site but assembled, and can even be dismantled if you want to change address and take it with you. The form of heating is also coal.

Choose Material

When buying a barbecue, pay attention to the material, because, in the case of masonry, a proper brick must be used. If you use ordinary brick it will crack with the heat the first time you make your barbecue.

The precast ones, on the other hand, must be coated with materials suitable for high temperatures, as in the case of masonry, if the common mortar is used it will also crack. In the case of a metallic material, always try to clean after use, as the salt of the meat corrodes the barbecue. In addition, they must be kept in covered places to protect from rain.

There is not the perfect barbecue or the one that is totally bad, for each case and each house does exist, the most suitable. To buy a barbecue, we suggest that you consider all the items mentioned in this article. Regardless of the model you choose, the most important thing is to be with your loved ones!

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