The robot vacuum cleaner is the new Air Fryer that everybody wants. Cleaning your home can stop being a daily burden if you have a robot vacuum cleaner and it easily becomes the activity of your new automated best friend. But vacuum cleaner robot is somehow expensive and if it didn’t fit in your pocket, you must have already discovered that there are several brands of vacuum robots they may benefit you to buy one. Buying a proper vacuum cleaner depend on a few factors, but the guide below can help you find out what to look for in each of them in addition to having a price that fits your budget.

Maintenance vs Cleaning

The first thing we need to keep in mind is that vacuum cleaner is absolutely useful when it comes to daily maintenance. Remove that little dust that accumulates every day in the office or the cat or dog hair in the room.

Releasing a robot vacuum with the mission of cleaning a very dirty environment is quite unsatisfactory. But if you are deploying your robot daily this will really be good. Still, there are several limitations like the ones listed below that could frustrate you.

The Height of the Robot Cleaner

Observe the size of the robot you are buying and see if it is able to get under your furniture. They are usually between 6 cm and 9 cm in height and most will go around sofas, cupboards, and beds and leave all the dust underneath them intact. Use a tape measure and see if the vacuum cleaner you want to buy will fit in every corner of your house.

There are smaller models that are slim, with 3 cm of height and they are capable of going under any place, including a refrigerator. However, this can also mean less power, a low amount of garbage you can store, or a shorter battery.

Cleaning Power

There are more or less powerful devices than others, including the same brand. Some are able to suck heavier particles like stones. Others are ideal for smooth, cold, or wooden floors, and there are those who do a deep cleaning on carpets. These robots are household, for use in the home or office.

Trash Storage

The size of the waste bin, measured in liters, can determine whether you need to take care of the appliance or whether it will work on its own. Small 300 ml compartments, for example, can clog quickly. And, once full, the robot strolls around scattering garbage instead of vacuuming and that is a waste that does not fulfill its role.

Measuring Noise

Though the noise that is made by robot cleaner in decibels is very low, at least in comparison to the traditional robot. But if you are going to buy for the office or doctor’s office, for example, silence can be one of your demands. Avoiding the loudest ones can prevent noise and that will be better for you.

Think About the Battery life

If the size of the property is too large, the robot will need enough batter. Note the battery life that starts at 90 minutes or so. Generally, the devices tell you how many square meters they are capable of vacuuming with a single charge. Then, you check if it fits your entire house or just some part.

All-wheel drive

Do you have rugs or gaps? Not all robots go up small steps and can get around carpets as they would with furniture. If you want to vacuum the carpet as well, observe this information, or remove and tap the carpets while the robot does its job. Make sure that you are learning about this issue before buying the robot.

Make Sure to Buy One Can Be Remotely Controlled

There are dumb vacuum robots that do not connect to the internet. And this is painful because if it is not connected you cannot run this thing remotely.

If the robot is intelligent, note what type of movement it does, if it has fall arrest sensors, which let you know if they are under a piece of furniture and intensify cleaning or avoiding objects. There are very interesting solutions to each model.

Also note if it is able to return to the base or the place where the cleaning started, or to leave under furniture if the battery is running out. 

You better be checking all these options while buying a robot vacuum cleaner. We can make sure that if you are looking out for all these options you will be able to buy something good and can avoid wasting your money.  

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