What to See Before Buying Hockey Sticks for Better Performance?

Do you love hockey? If you like playing hockey then you must be wondering what to see before buying hockey sticks for better performance. Better sports gears will definitely improve the performance and will help you change your game instantly. The materials of the hockey sticks are the most vital issue that provides a definitive performance boost and this article is going to talk about the best features that a good hockey stick should have.

Choosing a hockey stick is a very personal decision. There are many things to consider, including material, flexible, blade curve, and price when deciding which type of rod to buy.

How to Choose A Hockey Stick?

Understand your Preference

Think about how long you’ve been playing hockey. If you are new to the sport, you probably do not need to buy a very expensive composite stick, and it would be just fine with a wooden stick, which should not cost more than thirty dollars.

Buy from Speciality Hockey Store

Visit a specialty hockey store to find a lot of options. This will give you the largest selection of sticks to choose from. You need to consider the material of the stick (you prefer a wooden or composite one), one or two sticks, the curve of the hockey blade, and the flex of the stick.

Choosing the Hockey Materials

Decide whether you prefer a wooden or composite stick. Composite rods are lighter, more durable, and perform more consistently. Wooden hockey stick is a little heavier, tend to break more easily, and wear out faster, but many players prefer them for composites, as you can feel the disc on your stick better.

Know the Curve of the Stick

Find a curve you like and with which you can shoot, pass and pick up the disc. If you’re just starting out, you might be better off with a flat blade. This will make it easier to pass and pick up the disc without bobbing off the stick’s curved toe. The more loft the stick has (the more open the face of the blade), the higher you should be able to lift the disc. The more curved the tip of the stick, the more you should be able to lift the puck and put a little bit of spin on your shot, but it also makes it more difficult to throw or pass with a backhand.

Check the Flexibility of the Blade

Determine how much you need to flex the cable from the stick to have. When testing the stick in the store, you want to hold the stick as if you were playing with it in a game, then turn the blade face towards the ground and push the middle of the shaft, thus bending the stick. You should choose a stick that you are able to flex , but also one that is not very easy to bend (because you are likely to break it). Generally, the bigger and stronger you are, the harder you want the stick.

Length of the Hockey Stick

Determine the length of the rod. Most sticks (goalkeeper sticks not included) are a standard length, depending on whether they are junior, intermediate, or senior sticks. All sticks have the ability to be cut to give them the right height for the individual hockey player. To find out how high your stick needs to be, place the tip of the stick on the ground, right at your feet. The top of the shaft should end at your nose, if you are wearing street shoes, and at your chin, if you are wearing skates.

Tips Before Buying Hockey Stick:

  • Defensemen should use a harder stick, while the front should use something with more flex.
  • Some defensemen like to keep their sticks an extra inch or so longer, so it’s easier to get control of the front.
  • Using wax on the tape on the blade of a wooden stick will greatly improve the life of the stick.
  • When cutting the length of your stick, always make sure to cut less, not more, off the stick.
  • Always buy hockey sticks at a specialty store, where you can hold the real stick and try it out before you buy.

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